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Nancy Cox Women in Sailing

​Mini Conference & Race

About Nancy Cox:
In memory of one of our club's active sailor's, Nancy Cox, who is now sailing celestial shores after a battle with cancer, we celebrate all women who continue to pursue their passion for sailing. Nancy was the example of courage and perseverance. All through her treatment, she continued to go to the Lake and do what brought serenity to her soul. 

The fickle wind, warm waves, and austere beauty of Lake Mead make it the perfect backdrop to come together to honor women of all ages and skill levels to share our love, fear and curiosity of sailing as a sport, as recreation and most profoundly, as a time to connect with Mother Nature and express our gratitude for our ability to harness Her power while empowering ourselves to be as strong as Nancy.

Annual event held in the Fall.

Women In Sailing Events

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