June Meeting Minutes

NYC General Meeting Minutes

July 27, 2017

Call to order by Commodore Jim Rosaschi @ 7:00 PM

Introduction of Guests:

We had three new guests join tonight, along with a past member rejoining. Everyone welcomed back Ken Jackson and new members AJ (Andrew) and John Longurst. Another new guest attending, Bobby from CA was very happy to find a sailing club in Las Vegas and is available for crew.  Everyone is looking forward to attending the clubs events and more time on the water.

Commodore, Jim Rosaschi:

Copies of the minutes from the June meeting are available if anyone would like one.  There was a motion on the floor to pass the minutes. Minutes passed.

Jim mentioned that the terms for the current board will be coming up soon.  The Vice Commodore selects a slate in October.  If anyone is interested in being on the board, please let us know.

Vice Commodore, John D’Acunto:

Sail Training is coming up in September, 23rd & 24th.  We are looking for instructors and volunteers. Please let us know if you are interested.  Also, get the word out to your friends.

Treasurer, Lydia Brown:

Copies of treasurers report available on request. Please contact Lydia.

She mentioned that the NYC website will start posting information and race results on the Blog.

Secretary, Dena Williams and Cruising captain, Tim Ehrlich were not present.

Fleet Captain, Clay Ostrom:

Announced that the committee boat cover that got ripped up from prior storms has been replaced for free under warranty from the cover maker where we purchased it.

SCYA has called to invite us back to hosting the Midwinter’s here at Lake Mead. We haven’t sponsored one in many years. In the past we had boats come from Arizona and California to participate, but that hasn’t happened in a long time. Not sure if it would beneficial for us to host one.

Our next race coming up is the Nevada Cup Fall Series, September 16th.

At this point, we are cancelling the sailing workshop that is on the schedule and replacing it with the Beer Can races.

Old Business:

At the last meeting, Glenn Frank presented two proposals to the floor. One donating two J24’s to NYC and the other was to challenge to Arizona Yacht Club to attend our races and we go there in return. Jim stated that the Board has voted to not accept the J24’s.  It is too much responsibility for the club to take on. As far as the races and going back and forth, we would have to develop a relationship to get this going.

New Business: No new business

We held a raffle for multiple items;

NYC T-Shirts


Club Burgee

A huge Coors beer cooler donated from Glenn Frank

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50