Temple Bar Update

Temple Bar Racers - here's the latest from Temple Bar......


ROOM RATES will be determined by how many rooms our group gets - 

*8 rooms or more / $51 for cabin & $77 for single

*less than 8 rooms / $60 cabin & 95 for single

***iF YOU WANT A ROOM, PLEASE CALL NOW AND RESERVE - they have another event that weekend, and they may fill up.....

Call Jennifer @ 928.767.3211 x110 and let her know you're with NYC


DOCK FEES - If you have a room- dock fee is $20 / no room- dock fee is $25 or more depending on the size of the boat


FOOD - they will not be able to accomodate us for dinner Saturday night, the 21st, because they have another event with 70 people for dinner - HOWEVER, THE BAR WILL BE OPEN!   So bring your own dinner!   For breakfast, they will be able to accomodate us, as always - no buffet, just order off of the menu.


Please RSVP on MeetUP if you are going to Temple Bar so we can get a count.


Don't miss one of the best sailing events of the year!!


Lydia / Treasurer