November Club Meeting Minutes

Nevada Yacht Club General Meeting    Friday, November 18, 2016 at Fireside Restaurant & Tavern

Call to Order: 7:02 pm by Commodore Floyd White

Advised Raffle tickets are being sold for a 50/50 split;



Floyd welcomed everyone in attendance; Advised to please have all sign the sign in book; Report made of the Gold Cup Race- there was no race on Saturday, 3 races were held on Sunday with 7 boats participating;

Sailing stories and races were detailed: Clay Ostrom: Reported on the results of the Fall Series Races; Tim Ehrlich: reported on his participation in the Baha Haha regatta; Deena Williams: described her sail on a Windjammer ‘238 yacht with14 passengers; David Armstrong reported on his sailing his wave in Belize; Floyd White discussed his boating along the Intercoastal Waterway; Ace Ainsworth: Discussed sailing on the replica of the America on the Chesapeake Bay;

Officer’s Reports:

Suzie Gutbrodt: Not Present; In her behalf- member Tim Ehrlich reported on the Christmas Party/Installation Dinner which will be held on Friday, December 2, 2016 at the Springs Preserve from 7-10 pm. This will be a catered dinner with a jazz band and decorations. Asking to please RSVP asap through meet up, and pay thru meet up in order to get a correct head count. The club is funding much of the cost for this event. Cost is: $29.00 for members/$39.00 for non club members; also asking for a donor to donate for a raffle to be held at the event. Any details contact him or Suzie accordingly;


Secretary: Marcie Armstrong- went over the October, 2016 general meeting minutes; advised she will email this month’s minutes, when typed to Tim in order to be uploaded to the website for all to view; Advised will hand out the 2017 renewal notices to all in attendance, and advised will be mailing out this to all other members so this task will be completed.


Treasurer: Lydia Brown- Advised NYC is now a member of US Sailing, and this will save money in regards to books, etc for our Sail Training;


Fleet Captain: Clay Ostrom- Gave the results of the Temple Bar Race; advised he does not have results of other races as of yet. He reported that the recent money spent on repairs of the committee boat was well spent: we have had this boat for 7 years with very little spent overall for maintenance- last year only $18.00 was spent. Advised the boat is now in top working order; stated the next races will be the Winter Series: December 3rd & 10th. Clay advised he will have the 2017 race calendar ready prior to December 1st, and stated there will be more races held in 2017 than were held in 2016. There will be “Fun Day Sunday” non paying races. These will be published on the NYC web site, facbook, and meetup.


Vice Commodore: Sharon Dunn- Stated she has put in orders for shirts and hats for the grant from last year; The books will now be ½ price due to NYC having joined US Sailing. Advised we still have a lot of books left. The upcoming Grant is due the end of January, 2017. Announced anyone who volunteers with the next sail training will be given a Hat.


Staff Commodore: John’Dacunto- Stated last month was the last month to nominate any officers for 2017 from the floor. He then announced the 2017 slate of officers:

Commodore: Jim Rosaschi; Vice Commodore: John D’Acunto; Treasurer: Lydia Brown; Secretary: Suzie Gutbrodt; Fleet Captain: Clay Ostrom; Cruising Captain: Tim Ehrlich; Motion Made by Floyd to approve the slate; this was seconded by Tim. All said yes, none opposed.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Raffle: $100.00- raffle won by Sheeree Wilson-$50.00

Meeting Adjourned: 7:55pm