June Meeting Minutes

NYC General Meeting Minutes

July 27, 2017

Call to order by Commodore Jim Rosaschi @ 7:00 PM

Introduction of Guests:

We had three new guests join tonight, along with a past member rejoining. Everyone welcomed back Ken Jackson and new members AJ (Andrew) and John Longurst. Another new guest attending, Bobby from CA was very happy to find a sailing club in Las Vegas and is available for crew.  Everyone is looking forward to attending the clubs events and more time on the water.

Commodore, Jim Rosaschi:

Copies of the minutes from the June meeting are available if anyone would like one.  There was a motion on the floor to pass the minutes. Minutes passed.

Jim mentioned that the terms for the current board will be coming up soon.  The Vice Commodore selects a slate in October.  If anyone is interested in being on the board, please let us know.

Vice Commodore, John D’Acunto:

Sail Training is coming up in September, 23rd & 24th.  We are looking for instructors and volunteers. Please let us know if you are interested.  Also, get the word out to your friends.

Treasurer, Lydia Brown:

Copies of treasurers report available on request. Please contact Lydia.

She mentioned that the NYC website will start posting information and race results on the Blog.

Secretary, Dena Williams and Cruising captain, Tim Ehrlich were not present.

Fleet Captain, Clay Ostrom:

Announced that the committee boat cover that got ripped up from prior storms has been replaced for free under warranty from the cover maker where we purchased it.

SCYA has called to invite us back to hosting the Midwinter’s here at Lake Mead. We haven’t sponsored one in many years. In the past we had boats come from Arizona and California to participate, but that hasn’t happened in a long time. Not sure if it would beneficial for us to host one.

Our next race coming up is the Nevada Cup Fall Series, September 16th.

At this point, we are cancelling the sailing workshop that is on the schedule and replacing it with the Beer Can races.

Old Business:

At the last meeting, Glenn Frank presented two proposals to the floor. One donating two J24’s to NYC and the other was to challenge to Arizona Yacht Club to attend our races and we go there in return. Jim stated that the Board has voted to not accept the J24’s.  It is too much responsibility for the club to take on. As far as the races and going back and forth, we would have to develop a relationship to get this going.

New Business: No new business

We held a raffle for multiple items;

NYC T-Shirts


Club Burgee

A huge Coors beer cooler donated from Glenn Frank

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50

April Meeting Minutes

NYC General Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                   April 27, 2017

Call to order by Commodore Jim Rosaschi @ 7:30 PM (Postponement flag raised while we enjoyed dinner)

Introduction of Guests:

                Leonard & Robert Clewley – father/son from Dana Point area, looking forward to sailing with the                club. Learned about us from Floyd at the marina

Rich & Kay Faber – Joined tonight, Works for BLM in Boulder City, recently purchased “Relative Wind”, former teacher; looking forward to helping with sail training.

William Moeller – UNLV student from East Coast. Been sailing his whole life and is anxious to get on the water.

Cathleen Perdoh – moved to LV from the Bahamas, sailed with last week’s Thirsty Thursday group. Looking forward to more time on the water

Jerry Hughes – New to sailing, recently took the Sailing 101 course with his wife. Wants to continue learning.

David Bullock – former member, has a trimaran and land sailor

Commodore, Jim Rosaschi:

                Dena Williams presented with the secretary burgee.


Jim has invitations from other clubs available to review. We have reciprocal privileges in Southern California. We are a member of the Southern California Yachting Association.

We are here to have fun and teach along the way….

Sail Training is next weekend. Need confirmations for boats on the water. It takes a lot of effort to put on these events and we cannot do this without our volunteers.

                Volunteers tonight: Jerry Buk, Rand & Sheree, Rich Faber


Tim has asked for background history of the races so he can better advertise them on Meetup.

(History of Nancy Cox Memorial, Darling Memorial, Sailstice, etc.)


Bulletin Board needs to be updated, volunteers requested. Rich volunteered to update it monthly for 1 year.


We have social media overload. Jim would like to have a quarterly newsletter for those that like to read hard copy. Volunteer requested to take on this task.


The Animal Planet show “Tanked” is filming is the valley. They are looking at May 12 and 15 pending proper permits from the National Park Service. They have 7 crew and 2 hosts that would like to scout and film. This is a reality show based on a nautical theme. The club has been approached to provide boats and escort them around the lake.


Longtime member, Kenny Holland, passed away. Services will be April 28, 2017, 2pm, Palm Mortuary, 1600 S. Jones.


Vice Commodore, John D’Acunto:

Johnny was absent tonight.


Treasurer, Lydia Brown:

                Copies of treasurers report available on request. Please contact Lydia.


Secretary, Dena Williams:

Membership cards have been printed and mailed. If you do not have one or do not receive one in the next 2 weeks, please contact Dena via email.  denawms@aol.com


Cruising captain, Tim Ehrlich:

Motion was passed that we remove the crew signup from Meetup. Captains to line up crew using the bulletin board feature if they need additional crew.


Thursday Thursday is a great night for sailors to meet skippers and crew. This is a great opportunity to land a crew spot. Also, attending the meetings allows this same opportunity.

Opened the floor for other suggestions:

New meetup members found that there is no follow up or contact after sign up. Someone should monitor the site.


Summer Sailstice is approaching. Need volunteers to be on the committee. Clay to forward Hobie Fleet 51 contact information as this is usually a collaborative event.


Fleet Captain, Clay Ostrom:

Sailwave is up and running after a few challenges. Race Results are in and will be posted on the NYC web site.

                Race Result Summary:

                                Silver Cup A-fleet

                                                1st Place: El Cucuy

                                                2nd Place: Blew By You

                                Silver Cup B-Fleet

                                                1st Place: Little Rascal

                                                2nd Place: Winsornaut    

                                                3rd Place: Kona

                                                4th Place: Avalon Blew IV

                                Spring Series A-Fleet

                                                1st Place: El Cucuy

                                                2nd Place: Blew By You

                                Spring Series B-Fleet

                                                1st Place: Little Rascal

                                                2nd Place: Kona

                                                3rd Place:  Relative Wind

                                                4th Place: Winsornaut

                                                5th Place tie: Avalon Blew IV

                                                5th Place tie: Resolution

                                Winter Series A-Fleet

                                                1st Place: El Cucuy

                                                2nd Place: Blew By You

                                Winter Series B-Fleet

                                                1st Place: Avalon Blew IV

                                                2nd Place: Little Rascal

                                                3rd Place: Platinum

                                                4th Place: Winsornaut

                                                5th Place: Kona

                                                6th Place: Blown Away

Temple Bar Race is next – 2 day race, wind scheduled to blow on Saturday, calm on Sunday. Looking to do 2 races in the lower basin and 3 races in the upper basin before settling in for the night at Temple Bar. May have to do some motoring on the way back.  This race covers approximately 68 miles.


The Darling Memorial is back on for June 10 & 11. The April date was canceled due to inclement weather. This is the 24 hour nonstop race to Temple Bar and back (68 miles). This is calendared close to the full moon as we need this to help navigate.

May 20, Nancy Cox Memorial – Ladies Regatta

June 3, Single Handed Race

June 4, Jack & Jill Race (one man, one woman, one boat – couples therapy on the patio afterward)

Thirsty Thursday on meetup

Beer Can races in summer


Rand brought up the “FOR ALL THE GLORY” race. This is not on calendar yet. This is a bracket race independent of PHRF rating. Boats are placed randomly in brackets with the winner moving on. This has a traveling trophy.


Kudo’s to Tim for updating the website.


Old Business:



New Business:

Alan – wants to make sure that all boats have the option to participate in the Animal Planet filming

Clay – Working with the PBS show “Outdoor Nevada” to do a piece at our fall sail training event.

Meeting Adjourned 8:30 pm

February Meeting Minutes

NYC Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2017

Call to order by Commodore Rosaschi at 7 PM

Guest Introductions

•Anthony – sailed in Seattle area, was looking for a sailing group and was referred to the meeting by Steve Smith

•Shannon – guest of Clay

•Becky Ashburn – US sailing judge

•Past member – Alan Lewis

•Louise – new member, excited about learning to sail

Member Introductions

Secretary – absent

Treasurer – absent

Cruising Captain – absent

Commodore – Jim Rosaschi:

•GOAL – make club better

•The executive board met and discussed the following:

oTraining basics and racing program

oBring back beer can racing in summer

oPayments on meetup – looking at new vendor pros and cons

oUS Sailing sponsorship

Vice Commodore – Johnny D:

•Sail training in April 22-3

o spread the word $75 for 2 days

o Contact Johnny D if you would like to volunteer at the event. We need classroom instructors and boats for on the water training.

o Flyers being printed for bulletin board placement. Be mindful of locations where we can display these when they are ready.

•Sharon brought up Summer sail training previously done utilizing 4 consecutive Saturdays.

Fleet Captain – Clay

•Winter series 3 wraps up Feb. 18. Wind and rain predicted, be prepared for some fum

•No longer a non-member race fee. All pay the same, $60

Staff Commodore – Floyd White

•Tim will be taking over the meetup site

•Paypal being replaced by WE-PAY. You will no longer be able to use your paypal account to pay for events

•50/50 raffle – tickets being sold at meeting - 50% to winner / 50% to club

New Business

•Race results

oClub members would like the race results posted after each days racing. We have the sailwave

program and should be utilizing it.

o 50/50 Winner: ALAN FOGG $46, NYC $47

Meeting Adjourned 7:37PM


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NYC General Meeting

1.  Call to order 7:08 pm by Commodore Jim Rosaschi


2.  Introductions

·         3 guests              

Adrian – from Australia, visiting LV, likes one designs

Diane – sailed Thirsty Thursday’s with Blown Away

Dereck – from SoCal, looking for a sailing group, owner of a Flicka


3.  Officers Reports

·         Secretary not present, motion by Ace to waive the reading of the previous meeting notes

·         Vice Commodore, Johnny D

o   Spring sail training is November 22 – 23, volunteers are needed to run the event

We already have the books, shirts and hats for this event. Grant application to be completed by the end of the month to request funding for next sail training

·         Treasurer, Lydia

o   2016 race fee revenues increased by $1000 over 2015. Copies of financials available. For those who would like a copy see Lydia

·         Fleet Captain, Clay

o   Website is up, race calendar to be uploaded. Winter Series 1 race results will be posted soon. A lot of photo hits on NYC facebook page which has increased interest from the community

·         Cruising Captain, Tim

o   Sunday Funday’s have been created for fun sailing. Take this opportunity to introduce new comers to the Club, like a membership drive. Ace to coordinate the January 22 sail in Tim’s absence. Ace suggested changing the time to create a longer sail day. Eventually these may be limited to members only.

o   Payments for events can be paid two ways: Electronic payments will be made thru the Meetup site and checks can be given to Lydia

o   Lots of facebook activity – please post pictures

o   Social events – looking for input; Is there anything the club has done in the past that we would like to do again?

·         Commodore, Jim

o   No abnormal expenses

o   Old Business

§  Lydia – Not sure where Sharon left off with the grant application from Dept of Wildlife

§  Boy scouts requested help with merit badge

o   New Business

§  Becky Ashburn, US Sailing Judge, has offered a training for the 2017-2020 rule book

§  Jim has been motivated to get is US Sail certified instructor certificate. Tim talking with Bass Pro Shop about using their meeting room for sail training. This class would be used as a pre-requisite for on the water sail training. The room is free with a $100 cleaning fee assessment.

§  The board is looking at new ideas and direction for the club. It has had ups and downs over the years due to a variety of circumstances.

·         Small boat fleet

·         Revive youth sailing

·         Tim talked with marina about obtaining a small fleet of rental sail boats but they were not interested due to liability and safety concerns. 26-32 feet boats changed the conversation

·         Invitational – we would need to develop relationships with out of state clubs to create enough interest to have a successful event. The AZ yacht club has an annual event that draws 60 boats


 4. Any other Business



Meeting Adjourned


Nevada Yacht Club would like to thank you for being part of our organization and remind everyone it is time to renew their dues.  If you have not already done so you can renew your dues online here.


Upcoming Events:


Sat 14th Winter Series 1

Friday the 20th General Meeting

Sunday Jan 22nd Sunday Funday

Sat Jan 28th Winter Series 2

Check meetup for specific dates and times and please RSVP

November Club Meeting Minutes

Nevada Yacht Club General Meeting    Friday, November 18, 2016 at Fireside Restaurant & Tavern

Call to Order: 7:02 pm by Commodore Floyd White

Advised Raffle tickets are being sold for a 50/50 split;



Floyd welcomed everyone in attendance; Advised to please have all sign the sign in book; Report made of the Gold Cup Race- there was no race on Saturday, 3 races were held on Sunday with 7 boats participating;

Sailing stories and races were detailed: Clay Ostrom: Reported on the results of the Fall Series Races; Tim Ehrlich: reported on his participation in the Baha Haha regatta; Deena Williams: described her sail on a Windjammer ‘238 yacht with14 passengers; David Armstrong reported on his sailing his wave in Belize; Floyd White discussed his boating along the Intercoastal Waterway; Ace Ainsworth: Discussed sailing on the replica of the America on the Chesapeake Bay;

Officer’s Reports:

Suzie Gutbrodt: Not Present; In her behalf- member Tim Ehrlich reported on the Christmas Party/Installation Dinner which will be held on Friday, December 2, 2016 at the Springs Preserve from 7-10 pm. This will be a catered dinner with a jazz band and decorations. Asking to please RSVP asap through meet up, and pay thru meet up in order to get a correct head count. The club is funding much of the cost for this event. Cost is: $29.00 for members/$39.00 for non club members; also asking for a donor to donate for a raffle to be held at the event. Any details contact him or Suzie accordingly;


Secretary: Marcie Armstrong- went over the October, 2016 general meeting minutes; advised she will email this month’s minutes, when typed to Tim in order to be uploaded to the website for all to view; Advised will hand out the 2017 renewal notices to all in attendance, and advised will be mailing out this to all other members so this task will be completed.


Treasurer: Lydia Brown- Advised NYC is now a member of US Sailing, and this will save money in regards to books, etc for our Sail Training;


Fleet Captain: Clay Ostrom- Gave the results of the Temple Bar Race; advised he does not have results of other races as of yet. He reported that the recent money spent on repairs of the committee boat was well spent: we have had this boat for 7 years with very little spent overall for maintenance- last year only $18.00 was spent. Advised the boat is now in top working order; stated the next races will be the Winter Series: December 3rd & 10th. Clay advised he will have the 2017 race calendar ready prior to December 1st, and stated there will be more races held in 2017 than were held in 2016. There will be “Fun Day Sunday” non paying races. These will be published on the NYC web site, facbook, and meetup.


Vice Commodore: Sharon Dunn- Stated she has put in orders for shirts and hats for the grant from last year; The books will now be ½ price due to NYC having joined US Sailing. Advised we still have a lot of books left. The upcoming Grant is due the end of January, 2017. Announced anyone who volunteers with the next sail training will be given a Hat.


Staff Commodore: John’Dacunto- Stated last month was the last month to nominate any officers for 2017 from the floor. He then announced the 2017 slate of officers:

Commodore: Jim Rosaschi; Vice Commodore: John D’Acunto; Treasurer: Lydia Brown; Secretary: Suzie Gutbrodt; Fleet Captain: Clay Ostrom; Cruising Captain: Tim Ehrlich; Motion Made by Floyd to approve the slate; this was seconded by Tim. All said yes, none opposed.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Raffle: $100.00- raffle won by Sheeree Wilson-$50.00

Meeting Adjourned: 7:55pm


Temple Bar 2016

Plagued by light winds all participants motored past middlepoint where Race Committee started a downwind leg with an upwind start.  Light winds continued on this race downwind to Temple Bar.

The light wind made star gazing and hanging out at the darks the highlight of the event.  Food was out and the groups that stayed on their boats reflected on the race of the day and discussed rulings.

Day 2 brought a slew of rainclouds to the west with promise of rain and wind.  Race one started upwind from the Temple Bar racing bouye to East Point.  Winds started in the 5-7 range and all hope of increased winds were dashed as the last boats came through the finish in 1-2.  No more wind could be found for this series.

Congratulations to all of the Skippers and Crew receiving awards at the NYC Awards Dinner at Boulder Dam Brewing Company.  We had a great turnout with great food and lots of fun! 

Awards were given for two Classes, A Fleet & B Fleet. Frostbite Series, Winter Series, Spring Series, Gold Cup, Silver Cup, Temple Bar, Darling Memorial Race, and Nevada Cup were all awarded for 2016.  Many of the final winners were a surprise, as tallied results were not released before the Awards Dinner.  Much bragging, high-fives, & back-slapping followed.  The camaraderie we build when we race together is something special.